How can Australian Boerboel Society (ABS) help their members/buyers/you?

1. Be aware that an appraisal score means nothing to the pups you are looking to buy. It has no bearing on the quality of a litter. And that score alone is not a permit to breed. Nor do we use an appraisal system.

2. Ask to SEE any and all health results - Hips + Elbows as a minimum. If the parents have not been tested, you should NOT be paying full price for any pup that is bred from untested parents. Also ask about allergies, ears, eyes, prolapse, heart disease and over heating. In most cases these are pet only litters or not approved by the breed council.

3. Ask about temperament testing, have the parents been tested or not and who was the trainer that assessed them? This is the only way to establish an idea of your pups temperament. What exactly makes the parents great, what is their function, are they social, have work ability and food aggression issues etc? An appraisal is not a temperament test.

4. Every litter you enquire about, ask your breeder what was the purpose of that litter? Will these pups need capable handlers, and what environments/social settings are they being exposed to as pups? Know what to expect from your pup. Ask if there is known historic health or temperament issues from the line used? What can your breeder tell you about the history behind the dogs/lines they bred?

5. When a breeding is approved by the breed council, the breeder will get a certificate/seal of approval (be sure to ask your breeder if the breeding was approved and ask for the certificate of proof).

6. Expect to be educated by your breeder about the breed, especially as far as feeding/diet and how much, training, general care, health and what to expect at every growth stage. They will support you for the life of your dog and beyond. However, if you are not willing to accept their advice or the support offered from ABS, you should reconsider buying a boerboel.

Every Breeder with ABS have to follow the Code of Ethics - found on the about us section of this website.